‘We are at fault,’ Digicel says

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Digicel is agreeing that it erred when the company failed to follow the proper channel before it announced a planned 5 per cent increase for postpaid mobile services.

“We admit that we are at fault,” Regional Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Group Rob Mayo Smith told OBSERVER media.

On January 4, Digicel announced that as of February 1, customers in Antigua & Barbuda will pay a 5 per cent increase in their postpaid mobile services but Minister of Telecommuni-cations Melford Nicholas said the company did not seek approval for the increase from the government.

A few days later, the company submitted an application for its planned 5 per cent increase for postpaid mobile services, but it is unclear whether the measure would be approved in time for the February 1 launch date.

But Smith, who now heads the BVI market, said the company applied for approval for the increase through a different medium.

“We went through the APUA minister for approval. We followed a process which we thought was most sensible, given the ages of our current Telecommunication Bill,” he said.

Smith also said the current approval process is very “old and based on the 1950s and that’s just another reason why the new Bill is important”.

Digicel said the price hike was necessary, based on the increased cost of doing business on the island.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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