Water zones to be created to regulate pressure – APUA official

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The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) is to embark on a zoning exercise in order to better regulate water pressure to residents and preserve the pipelines. Head of the APUA’s Water Business Unit Ivan Rodrigues told OBSERVER media that this is one of their priority areas this year.
“Antigua is unique in that you have within a very short area persons living at sea level and persons living like 150 feet above sea level. So take for instance Blue Waters Hill, you leave this high hill and go all the way down but there is one pipeline serving the two, so the persons down below get enormous pressure and those at the top hardly get any pressure at all.”
Rodrigues said it is hoped that in having the island properly zoned they would be able to regulate the water pressure to different areas and reduce the incidence of burst pipes.
Other plans for the year include changing those mains that contribute to consumers receiving discoloured water through their taps, as well as changing the broken PVC pipes which have been resulting in daily water outages in some communities. According to Rodrigues, broken PVC pipes have been a major issue for the utility company as the pipes become worn.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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