Warner: USA has paid a price

Austin Jack Warner

T&Ts victory over the United States is “the best day” of Jack Warner’s life. The former FIFA Vice President, who is facing extradition charges to the United States, described it as a “glowing achievement” and a “feather in the cap” of the team to beat the Americans.

“At the end of the day, after 28 years, we have now settled the score with the USA for the first time. You know something, we have beaten them when it hurts the most that they cannot qualify to go to Russia,” Warner said as he weighed in on T&T’s 2-1 victory that ultimately ended all hopes of the USA qualifying for next year’s World Cup.

He said T&T had nothing to gain by beating the USA, “but you know what, God don’t sleep, and they have paid a price for what they have done to football in FIFA, CONCACAF and in the Caribbean.”

The former CONCACAF head also dismissed the ‘River to Russia’ statement, posted by the U.S. Men’s National team Twitter page, as “foolish.” He said he was sure that American players who practiced on the stadium’s saturated grounds on Monday had experienced similar conditions back home. Warner told the T&T Guardian: “We have been blessed. Rain has fallen in Houston, Miami and Dominica and all over the Caribbean and Central America. We have a little flood at the Ato Boldon Stadium and we are taking that as embarrassing ourselves to the world with River to Russia.”

“We make a mountain out of a molehill,” he added.

Warner was also full of praise for head coach Dennis Lawrence, saying T&T needed to rely heavily on its local players, “as you would have more to gain while they are more committed.”

Extradition proceedings are set to resume in the Port-of-Spain Magistrate’s Court after Warner lost his lawsuit challenging his extradition to the United States. He was indicted by U.S. authorities over allegations of racketeering, wire fraud and money-laundering conspiracies spanning 24 years. (Trinidad and Tobago Guardian)

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