Wanted: Armed and dangerous man

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Adrian Shand, a man described as armed and extremely dangerous, is wanted by the police. The 27 year old is also known by aliases ‘Heads’ or ‘Ugly’ and resides in Cooks Hill. Lawmen said Shand is “wanted in connection with a number of serious criminal offences.”
The police issued a s tatement to the media yesterday urging anyone with information to call the Rapid Response Unit at 764-2348 or 464-3938 if they see the suspect. They are warning residents against approaching him because they believe “that he is heavily armed, and is therefore considered to be extremely dangerous.”
An appeal has also been made for Shand to immediately surrender himself at any police station with his attorney or any family member. Shand is not unfamiliar with the country’s justice system as several years ago he was among three men charged and taken to court for allegedly shooting Judith Wynter during last lap celebrations in 2013. At the time of the incident, Shand’s address was listed as Whenner Road. That incident left Wynter crippled.

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