Waldron: Bolans confident despite run of poor form

Earl Waldron
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By Neto Baptiste

Despite having gone winless in six matches thus far, veteran batsman and coach of the Bolans Blasters cricket team, Earl Waldron, said his young squad remains resilient and optimistic as they head into this weekend’s matches in the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA) State Insurance Super 40 Competition.

Waldron, a former Leeward Islands batsman, was speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show at the time when he predicted that his struggling squad will get it right before the end of the 10-team competition.

“There is still some serious team spirit and most of the opponents have noticed it because just the other day we were out by Bouncing [Sylvester Joseph in New Winthorpes] and the game was right there and could have gone any way even up to three-quarters of the way into the second innings, but we got some crucial run outs and lost our way. The community is behind us and we have people coming everywhere we go; we always have fans on the bus,” he said.

Bolans, largely a young squad, suffered a 41-run defeat at the hands of New Winthorpes Lions on Sunday, their latest of six straight losses.

Waldron said that although winning is good, the main aim at the start of the competition was to build a unit that could compete years down the road.

“This year, we were about club building because we realised that in terms of our players and before I played a few games and Gavin Williams came in for the last few games, we knew we weren’t going to be as competitive as we should be so we were looking at building a team structure. I think we are there, we have a lot of guys, all the girls are still with us but for the backend of this tournament we are going to try and get a couple of wins so we are selecting the best team we can,” the player said.

As for the level of the competition, Waldron expressed happiness with the number of young talented players who have been holding their own thus far.

“There’s not much challenges. Obviously, some of the officiating has been a little questionable but you have to understand. Even professionals sometimes make the same errors our local people are making and it’s a really good thing to see that most of the teams have quite a lot of youngsters, and a couple of them are doing very well. I think it’s a positive to be honest,” he said.

Bolans Blasters sit at the bottom of the standings without a point but are only one win off Massy United Insurance Combined Schools who have four points. CUB Bethesda Golden Eagles leads the competition with 22 points, just two points ahead of second placed New Winthorpes Lions.

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