Wade Burton tops BPM primary

Wade Burton (Screen grab courtesy of the Barbuda Channel)
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected] 

Six hundred and twenty-five Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) members showed up on Saturday to nominate the five individuals they wish to see run in this year’s Barbuda local government elections.

And of the five, Wade Burton – former Barbuda Council chairman – nabbed the most votes with 125.

Upon hearing the news Burton said, “I’m very honoured. I’m happy that people trust me enough to put me there again. I will do my utter best to make sure Barbuda moves forward in a better direction.”

He said that his plan, should he become a part of the Council again, is to work in the interest of all Barbudans, despite their political persuasion.

“It’s a very uphill task when you’re working for the people because everyone has something they need done … you have to make sure you prioritise and get the people’s work done properly.

“Everyone that vote for or against…I will represent you as best as I can,” he told the Barbuda Channel.

Melanie Beazer received the second largest number of votes with 112.

She expressed feelings of joy, saying, “I’m ready to do the people’s work.”

Mackenzie Frank obtained 110 votes putting him in third place.

And 108 votes were copped by Nadia George, chairperson of the Council’s Health Committee, who said that this was the third year in a row she had taken part in the nomination process.

She said she was elated and “optimistic”.

“We are doing this for Barbuda because this is where we live, and we want to preserve it for our children’s children’s future. This election is a crucial one,” George remarked.

Nico Antonia, who received 100 votes, said, “I just wanna thank God firstly, because without him this would not be possible. Then I want to thank the BPM supporters who had confidence in me. I am grateful and thankful but the fight has just begun.”

The sixth BPM candidate, Primrose Thomas, received the least amount of votes (70) and therefore will not be running in the March 29 local government elections.

The Barbuda Council consists of 11 seats, comprised of one member of the House of Representatives (MP), a member of the Senate and nine elected members.

This year five seats will be contested with the Barbuda People’s Movement’s Kendra Beazer, Wade Burton and Nadine George, and the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s Senator Knacyntha Nedd and McKeisha Desousa, due to vacate their seats.

ABLP is yet to announce any decisions regarding the elections.

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