Wadadli Pen Launches 2023 Challenge; All Ages, All Genres, But Keep It CARIBBEAN

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Wadadli Pen is back with a Challenge for writers in Antigua and Barbuda of all ages. Prizes will be broken down by age group; 12 and younger, 13 – 17, Adult (18+). There will be a main prize winner selected from winners across all age groups.  

-All types of writing (e.g. story, poem, drama, creative non-fiction)
-Caribbean (AS ALWAYS THE WRITING SHOULD represent our ways, culture, and environment)
-Up to 500 words, max.  

Submit, typed, in Word with a cover letter inclusive of name, short bio (50 words, max), short summary of entry inclusive of the genre (50 words, max), school (if applicable), date of birth, and contact information (email, phone, address). Teachers submitting on behalf of students can do bulk submissions listing the names and entries of all student writers, with a school contact (email, phone, address). There will also be a prize for the school with the most submissions.

Submit entries using the subject line WADADLI PEN 2023 SUBMISSION + INITIALS (of school or individual, as applicable) to [email protected] by May 31st 2023. Submissions after this date will be deleted unopened.

If you are reading this, Wadadli Pen needs your help to deliver on the promises above. We have a track record going back to 2004 and are a legal non-profit as of 2021. You can contribute, volunteer, or intern with us toward our mission of nurturing and showcasing the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda. 

Find more information at http://wadadlipen.wordpress.com and/or email [email protected]

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