Wadadli Cats stabbing, punctures lung and breaks two ribs

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A punctured lung and two fractured ribs are among the injuries that Denton Roberts sustained after he was stabbed three times to the back during a brawl on the Wadadli Cats at the Heritage Quay Dock on Sunday around 5:30 p.m. A suspect was in police custody up to last night.
The fight had escalated to the extent that it spilled over to another vessel and left at least two other people injured.
Roberts, as seen in a video that has since gone viral on social media, was stabbed while on board, moments after another fight with another group of people was quelled.
The video did not capture what led to the stabbing, but only began to focus on the incident at a time when blood was already on the left shoulder area of Roberts’ white t-shirt and the man with whom he’s seen struggling could be seen lounging his hands at him in a stabbing motion.
While some onlookers screamed, others rushed in and separated the men; holding onto the man in a yellow t-shirt who was involved in the confrontation, and escorting Roberts to another part of the tour boat.
According to the official report to the police, the brawl broke out when a passenger aboard the Wadadli Cats tried to disembark even while it was in the process of docking.
That passenger was denied permission to leave for safety reasons, and this led to an argument between the passenger and the crew member who had told him to wait.
Other crew members and passengers got involved and the angry passenger was eventually removed from the boat.
According to police sources close to the probe, the investigation has so far revealed that the passenger jumped back into the water, swam to the vessel and got on board, leading to another confrontation and his removal for a second time.
It was after that, that glass bottles were thrown and other passengers on a nearby docked boat got caught in the fray, resulting in a fight among passengers who were on the two boats, docked side by side.
One witness, who is being treated as a suspect, said that it was during that altercation that Roberts attacked him (the suspect) with a broken glass bottle and a struggled ensued, prompting  a counter attack.
Roberts was rushed to hospital and the initial assessment was that he would have been kept there for “at least 24 hours” for observation, a police source said last night.
While he was yet to give a statement up to late yesterday, his wife, a police officer, was questioned since she too was aboard the vessel at the time of the incident.
 The police have the suspect in custody and he has reportedly been cautioned and asked to give two statements, which were completed yesterday. He’s likely to be charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
Meanwhile, another man, Andy Meade, was injured during the incident when a glass bottle which was thrown from the Wadadli Cats struck him on the head and cut him.
Additionally, Damouy Scott who was on the vessel, was treated at the hospital for a dislocated left shoulder after he was allegedly kicked on the arm during the brawl on board. Both he and Meade were treated and discharged since their injuries were, according to the doctors who spoke with the police, non-life threatening.
When contacted yesterday, the management of the sailing vessel refused to comment publicly about the details of the stabbing.

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