Volleyball Association To Invest In Beach Facility

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The Antigua & Barbuda Volleyball Association (ABVA) will be moving to install at least two beach volleyball facilities across Antigua with the first one earmarked for Old Parham Road.
This is according to newly re-elected President, Wilbur Harrigan, who said he has already acquired some funding towards the project.
“The way forward in volleyball is beach, because of financial reasons. It takes 12 persons to make up a team for the indoors and it takes two, sometimes three persons to make up a team for the beach, so you can see the economics there,” he said.
“On Old Parham Road, I already have the money, I have a cheque sitting down on since December for $124,000,” he added.
Harrigan said his association will also seek to renew an agreement with the Ministry of Sports that would see the erection of a number of volleyball courts at schools across the country.
“We will place, in every schoolyard, a volleyball court. We’ve had that permission for some time and we will seek again, a renewal of it from the Minister of Sports [EP Chet Greene] and the working Minister of Sports will tell you that I’ve been working with him to get a court into All Saints and to place courts across the country, so that we could facilitate the people who want to play volleyball,” he said.
The focus, Harrigan added, will be on the primary institutions as they seek to boost participation amongst that group.
“Right now we have volleyball in the secondary schools and we have 27 teams playing in the league now. It will bring a lot of pressure and we will need a lot of resources, but it will happen,” the volleyball boss said.
Harrigan defeated lone challenger, Frank Schwartz, 11-4 at the polls last Thursday during the association’s AGM held at the Multipurpose & Exhibition Cultural Centre. Harrigan’s term will run for one year.

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