Visitor offers reward for return of stolen property

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A visiting Antiguan couple is offering a US $800 reward for the safe return of an antique gold band which was stolen from a vehicle that was parked in the Runaway Bay area in the vicinity of Lashings on Saturday afternoon.
The ring, along with an Antigua and Barbuda passport, a United States passport, a wallet with credit cards and identification cards, a gold necklace, an iPad and other items, were removed from the vehicle. The items had been in two separate bags in the rental car.
The vehicle was being rented by Nicole Jardim who is visiting the island with her partner. She told OBSERVER media that the incident occurred shortly after 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.
“I forgot my bag in the car, I had some clothes in it because I was going out after the beach, and my partner Hayden had his bag in there. We were sitting on the beach, maybe about 30 feet away from the car.
“Someone smashed [in] the front window and climb into the car so as to not set off the alarm, pulled out the bags and took off,” Jardim said.
She explained that while the passports and other items could be replaced over time, she is offering the reward for the safe return of the ring which was handed down to her from her grandmother.
“It is a gold single band with three sapphires and some tiny diamonds around it. It’s like an antique ring so the markings are very different; it is not like the typical gold ring that you will see. I don’t care if the person who stole [the other things] don’t bring them back; I just want that ring back,” the woman said.
Jardim said a report was made to the police and she is hopeful that the items will be returned, in particular, the ring.
Photographs of the ring are circulating on social media sites and the couple is encouraging social media users to share the post and be on the lookout for it.

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