Visiting basketball team dominates Wings tournament

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Juel of Ontario recorded a blowout victory over Wings, winning 53-19 on Saturday before beating Purple Hearts 61-35 on Sunday. The team taught both local clubs a lesson in passing, cutting and shooting in the 15th Gillian Brazier Basketball Shoot-Out at the JSC Sports Complex. 
Peyton Connelly shot 12 points and Alisha Doornick contributed eight points, three assists and five steals for the victors on Sunday. Kate Ross contributed eight points for Juel of Ontario against the Wings.
For Wings, it was Mary-Jane Grant with eight points while Vanelcia John was best on show for them with six points, 14 rebounds and five steals. 
Against Purple Hearts, Taylor Motif sank 10 points, Clare Sutherland-Case had nine points and five steals. Destiny Paquin hit six points, had five assists, five steals and three block shots for the visitors. 
Meanwhile, Arian White was the outstanding player for Purple Hearts with a game high of 21 points, grabbing 16 rebounds and three steals. 
The 15th Gillian Brazier Shoot-Out will culminate today at the YMCA, starting at 4:30 p.m. with an All Star cast coming up against the Juel of Ontario. This will be immediately followed by an award ceremony. 
The 15th Gillian Brazier Basketball Shoot-Out is sponsored by the Social Security Board, Hutchinson (Antigua) Ltd., Gigi Industries Ltd., Wishing Well Foundation, Stitch World,  Anjo Wholesale,  and Oasis Water.

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