Virtual T-shirt Mas set to return next weekend

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By Carlena Knight

The chance to dance through town will not be available this year, but the opportunity to jam to your heart’s content is still on the table as the ‘T-shirt Mas Zoom Edition’ – powered by Hitz 91.9 FM will be returning for the second straight year.

The party will begin at 6:00 am via Zoom on July 24, with revelers enjoying the clean fun by donning a T-shirt from previous years, a personal T-shirt or even the Hitz Crew T-shirts that will be on sale.

“We are going to have DJ Biggie, DJ Tenny, DJ Spadez, Selecta Bantan, DJ Cobra, DJ Blaize, all of the Hitz team doing things from six until. We are starting from six but you know that carnival time, the mas camp will tell you we will be meeting up at the camp at 10 but moving off at 12, so the early warm-up is at 6:00 am, but we are not going to be moving off until eight,” Andre ‘DJ Illist’ Dyer explained.

T-shirt Mas Zoom Edition 2.0 is open to anyone with a desire to enjoy his or herself anywhere, while listening to the vibrant music from local and regional DJ’s, and also live performances.

One of the organisers of the event, Shameek Acham, is encouraging persons to come on board and join  the fun.

“What we are encouraging everyone to do is we want to see everyone’s face on the Zoom, because a lot of people, since it was new last year came on, but they didn’t show their faces. They didn’t want us to see them ‘getting on bad,’ so we are encouraging that because it all a part of the fun. We are encouraging everyone to get their coolers, get your crew, get your family, get your neighbour and just have your own little thing,” Acham said.

To take part, tune into 91.9 FM or follow the link which will be posted on the ‘Hitz FM 91.9 Antigua, or NEWSCO Observer Media’ Facebook page.

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