Villa man sentenced to 10 years for wounding with intent

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Shajah Joyce, a resident of the Villa community, has been sentenced to 10 years and 5 months imprisonment. However, the time spent on remand will be deducted.

Joyce initially pleaded guilty to two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after allegedly breaking into a residence where he sought to get to his wife but pleaded not guilty to unlawful wounding of a third person.

It is claimed that in the wee hours of July 14 2022, Shajah Joyce forcibly entered the house where his wife was temporarily residing.

Inside the house, he confronted his wife, covered her mouth with his hand and instructed her to remain silent. However, in a bid for help, she cried out, drawing the attention of the other two occupants of the residence.

The other two people in the house came to her rescue but a fight ensued, reportedly prompting the defendant to injure the individuals.

He also claimed that he did not break into the house of one of the complainants.

The prosecution accepted the guilty pleas for the two counts of wounding, but announced the intention to proceed to trial for the charges of unlawful wounding and breaking and entering.

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