Villa man fined $14,500 for possession of loaded gun

One more illegal firearm has been removed from the streets and, yesterday, Joseph “Juba” James of Villa Area had to fork over $11,250 of the total he was fined in order to be released from police detention.

James, 26, and his girlfriend Rashena Gaines of the US, were charged for being in possession of a 9 mm Glock 40 pistol and possession of five rounds of matching ammunition.

Gaines pleaded not guilty to the charges, and the prosecution accepted the guilty plea from James who last had a run-in with the law six years ago.

“There are too many guns on the street and too many people who should not have them. Considering the length of time he has been out of trouble, I am going to fine him,” Magistrate Conliffe Clarke said.

The Villa man was fined $8,000 for the illegal firearm and $6,500 for the bullets. Magistrate Clarke ordered the accused to pay the entire fine forthwith, but on the urging of Defence Counsel Michael Archibald, the second fine was cut in half and the labourer was given until August 31 to pay the remaining $3,250.

A very jovial and chatty James waited in the holding cell for his pending release after indicating his intention to pay the fine before the close of business yesterday.


(More in today’s Daily Observer)