Villa man dead after suspected electrocution

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A Villa youth died early yesterday afternoon after he was reportedly electrocuted while working in a yard in Willikies.
Justin “Sparkplug” Parsons, 22, was rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical where he was pronounced dead.
A police report indicates that Parsons, a gardener, was working at a property in Willikies with his cousin when he came into contact with a “surface” electrical wire that was connected to a breaker and air conditioner.
The Back Street Villa man was reportedly electrocuted at around 3:30 p.m., according to the police.
One man who claimed he arrived at the home shortly after the electrocution told OBSERVER media that the wire did not appear to be properly grounded.
Lawmen said Parson’s cousin rushed to his side when he fell to the ground. The Emergency Medical Services was summoned and the Villa man was transported to hospital via ambulance.
Parsons, of the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Thomas, was pronounced dead on arrival.
His death left family and friends devastated.
Toy-Anne Bailey, a social media user who identified herself as Parson’s sister wrote that she was torn by the news.
“I was in (disbelief) when I got the phone call. When I entered the room and saw you I felt selfless. You loved me even when I thought you were too young to understand love. I always remember you couldn’t wait to finish school to show me how serious you were. All I could see was you my little brother. You would do anything for me, I would send you to Old Road and you would always go,” she wrote.
She reminisced on his great sense of humour. Friends also posted expressing sorrow for Parsons death and recalled he was a good friend.
Lawmen said they are investigating the unnatural death and will take statements from the property owners and witnesses.
In February, a New Winthorpes man was electrocuted in an accident at Perry Bay, St. John’s.
The police said that the man, Elvis Edwards, died after the container truck he was driving came into contact with power lines.

Justin Parsons (Photo courtesy social media.)

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