Villa Lions Soccer Academy Head Heralds Outstanding Student Athletes

Dajun Barthley captained the national Under-15s and Jayden Martin.
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By Neto Baptiste

Head of the Villa Lions Soccer Academy, Sowerby Gomes, has heralded the efforts of a number student athletes with ties to the institution who would have performed outstandingly in this year’s CXC examinations.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Gomes, a former national defender, listed those athletes who, he said, surpassed all expectations.

“Jayden Martin from the Princess Margaret School, Jahzeno O’Garro coming out with some exceptional passes and I turn now to Ronaldo Flowers and most of you would have heard of Ronaldo Flowers doing some major exploits when he was just 14 years old by winning out the Flow Ultimate Challenge. Ronaldo took eight CXCs; he hails from the Antigua Grammar School, and Ronaldo passed all eight subjects with five grade ones and three twos,” he said.

“I will single out our number one athlete which is Dajun Barthey who hails from the Baptist Academy. Dajun took 12 CXC subjects and he got eight grade ones and four grade twos. Last, but not the least, I want to big up my young daughter Amaya [who did] 10 subjects and she would have passed all with five grade ones and three grade twos.”

The athletes, Gomes said, displayed exemplary discipline and dedication both on the field and in the classroom, proving that sports and academics can work in unison to mould the ideal individual.

“The discipline that they showed on the field they brought it to bear in the classrooms with the discipline in terms of studying and as a result we saw a good reflection in their grades. It really would be remiss of me if I was to big them up and don’t recognise the teachers, the parents and principals of all these students because the teachers, at this particular time, played such an pivotal role in their whole motivation, educating them, keeping their minds ready, keeping them equipped, keeping them prepared and keeping them focused,” he said.

Gomes, who represented the Villa Lions FC for many years in the football association’s Premier Division, also commended all students who sat this year’s exams during what he considers tumultuous times.

“All those students across Antigua and Barbuda who would have done their CXC examinations and knowing this time around they would have done in it in a situation that is unprecedented, during Covid, which is something we never saw. These students in the midst of all the ups and downs and all they were going through with difficulties in studying, not knowing of all the levels of uncertainty they were still able to go through, did the CXC this year and I am so happy and pleased with the performance of all the students,” the coach said.

Meanwhile, the President of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association, Everton Gonsalves, said he would rewarding those young footballers who would have excelled in the regional examinations.

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