Verdict on drug-smuggling accused pilot due today

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By Latrishka Thomas

Former Caribbean Helicopters chief pilot Colin Murraine – who has been on trial for drug trafficking – will finally hear the verdict today.

Murraine is accused of possession, attempted exportation, intent to supply and trafficking of just over 100 pounds of cocaine.

Several officers from the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) have taken the stand detailing the events that led to Murraine being detained.

Yesterday, the prosecution and defence put forward closing arguments asserting their perspective on the case. The trial was then adjourned until today.

The verdict will be revealed after Justice Stanley John gives his summation of the case and the 12 jurors deliberate.

In February 2018, Murraine was intercepted at Runway 10 at VC Bird International Airport in an aircraft preparing for takeoff.

The occupants of the plane were said to be two foreign pilots and Murraine who was dressed in his piloting uniform but was seated in a passenger seat.

According to witness testimonies, the 32-year-old’s two grey hardcover suitcases contained a number of brick-like packages wrapped with plastic wrap. An incision made by an officer revealed a white powder-like substance.

The drugs were valued at $1.7 million.

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