Vendors shout ‘Black people have rights too!’ during Jolly Harbour stand-off

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By Carl Joseph

“Black people have rights too! Not just Bodog!” was the cry of vendors yesterday as they used their beach chairs, umbrellas, tents and anything else they could find to block the street in Jolly Harbour outside of the Castaways Restaurant.

The action was spurred after they arrived at the area where they plied their trade and met their usual access gate to the beach padlocked.

Long time vendor, Sonya Williams, explained that, “this morning we came to work and asked the security as to who is going to open the gate [and] he said to me ‘we don’t have the key and I have no idea where the keys are’. She said that she thinks that it’s the security that’s working [at Castaways Restaurant] that now has the key.”

Not only had the gate been padlocked, but specific instructions had been left at the first active Jolly Harbour security checkpoint not to allow anyone to drive down to the beach.

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