Vendors lapsing with food safety protocols

Health inspectors say too many food vendors are falling foul of safety regulations
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With the large number of festivities taking place in the run-up to Carnival – and the copious number of food vendors emerging – food safety has become a greater concern.

This is because the Central Board of Health (CBH) is still grappling with reports of noncompliance with general food safety practices.

Senior Health Inspector Julienne Mannix told Observer that complaints have been made in recent times about residents getting sick after eating at various establishments.

“One and two times you will get a few complaints or cases of food-borne illness. Persons will say that they are experiencing diarrhoea after eating food, so there is room for improvement in terms of what our vendors should do, make sure they follow the criteria for safer food, know the time and temperature,” Mannix disclosed.

She said that vendors are not the only ones to blame as “food safety is everyone’s business”.

“You as the consumer can do different activities to make sure your food is safe. You can make sure that you purchase food that is hot. Make sure that you purchase food from a reputable supplier,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Creative Industries and Innovation will be holding a meeting with registered and prospective Carnival vendors on June 13 at 5pm at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre in Perry Bay.

Matters pertaining to vending during the Carnival season will be discussed.

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