Vegetarian delight by Sharona’s Tastees

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By Kadeem Joseph

The thought of enjoying a meal devoid of meat is a bone-chilling prospect for many, and the mere mention of a vegetarian meal would certainly make some taste-buds retreat in fear, but Sharona’s Tastees offer a healthy and delicious reprieve from a carnivorous palette.

Proprietor Sharona Burnett, a pastry chef by profession, was one of the many casualties of the tourism sector which saw a shutdown due to the novel coronavirus earlier this year. Not surprisingly, this setback would not stop this young entrepreneur, who saw a way out of the “depression” she felt following news that she was to be severed, three months after she was sent home.

“I said, let me try to do something that I know no one else is doing, and in my area of Sea View Farm, because people were barbequing and so on,” she explained.

Burnett offers a wide variety of sumptuous dishes, five days per week to include steamed or fried fish, veggie wraps and burgers and vegetarian pizza. On the weekends, patrons can access a wide variety of ital-style dishes – all of which would keep customers returning for more, again and again.

 Burnett believes while many are apprehensive about trying vegetarian dishes, her food, which she said is “made from the heart,” covers a well-seasoned blend of vegetables cooked to perfection and a mix of sweet and savoury selections that play a symphony on even the most discriminating palettes.

“Everyone says their mom’s cooking is the best cooking, so that’s how I would describe it,” the chef added. “It’s warm and cozy.”

Meanwhile, the pastry chef has not abandoned her passion for sweet treats and delightful confections. She provides a variety of cakes and other baked goods to her clients.

While her journey to owning her own business is one punctuated by hurdles, twists and turns, this proud chef has refined her touch and is waiting to serve you soon. Bon appetit!

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