Vector control officers await decision on “unfit” supervisor

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Vector Control officers at the Central Board of Health (CBH) are anticipating that within weeks they will receive a favourable decision from government, regarding a supervisor deemed “unfit” for the job.
On Monday, Trevor Cranston, the manager of the storeroom, met with Health, Wellness and Environment minister Molwyn Joseph to discuss concerns raised about the individual, who has been serving as a supervisor for just over a year now.
In an interview with OBSERVER media, Cranston said, the supervisor “lacked” knowledge of the work, was “extremely” dictatorial and aggressive to the workers, and there was usually constant bickering and argument with the workers, especially the supervisors in his department.
He said the supervisors are very concerned with the duress under which they have been working.
“You go to work and you want to do your best. And when you are working under hazardous conditions that will impede your progress of work, we are very concerned,” Cranston said.
The meeting was described as “interesting, fruitful and informative” with a decision expected in a matter of weeks, according to him.
 “The supervisors in the vector control department, we are keeping our fingers crossed and we would like to thank the minister and his staff for showing an interest in our concern and we look forward for a very interesting decision,” he said.
Though it is not certain what this decision will be, the storeroom manager said he hopes it would be in their favour.
“We, the concerned supervisors hope that the decision will be favourable to us and all the workers in the vector control department in the Central Board of Health,” Cranston said.
He noted that there was no other option and, the department did not “want to put down a demonstration.”

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