Vandals ruin graduation ceremony for Potters Primary students

On Tuesday, unknown perpetrators maliciously destroyed a number trophies that were scheduled to be presented out to students of Potters Primary School during their graduation ceremony on Wednesday. (Photos contributed)
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by Leon Norville

[email protected]

The Principal of Potters Primary School (PPS) is appealing to residents of the community to be on the lookout for any unusual activity in and around the school’s compound following a series of back-to-back break ins and acts of vandalism that started earlier this week.

The PPS Principal, Jasinter Athill said the ordeal began Tuesday morning — after the long Easter weekend — when staff members arrived on the school’s premises. A teacher reported to Athill, that a desk in one of the classrooms in the main hall had been ransacked along with the school counselor’s desk located in the same area.

Athill said the incident was disturbing to school officials, and so after they worked late on Tuesday evening to prepare for their graduation ceremony on Wednesday, she and another teacher checked and double-checked all windows and doors in the main hall before they left the premises around 7:40 pm.

However, when she arrived at the school Wednesday morning, Athill said she was notified that a window in the main hall was found open. She recalled that it was heart-wrenching to discover that the hall had been vandalised yet again, and this time the perpetrators had destroyed over a dozen trophies that were to be handed out to students who were graduating that same day.

The principal said the police were called in to investigate and the school had to move the graduation ceremony from the main hall to another location on the compound.

On Thursday morning, Athill said the cleaners — who were preparing the main hall for the re-opening of school next week — were greeted by a desk drawer in one of the grade six classrooms that was “full of human faeces”.

This was the third straight day that the school had been vandalised and Athill said she was clueless as to who were the perpetrators, moreso why anyone would want to vandalise the primary school.

She is also appealing to perpetrator(s) to desist from carrying this attack because “it’s hurting not only the students, but the teachers, too”.

So far, the school has not been able to determine whether anything had been stolen, but the teachers are working closely with police investigators.

The police confirmed that investigations into the reports made by the school are ongoing.

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