US visitors plead for the return of stolen documents

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A visiting U.S couple currently staying at a villa on the southern side of the island, has issued a desperate plea for help to recover important documents, which were reportedly stolen from them at Ffryes Beach on Monday morning.
Among the items stolen were travel documents, mobile phones, cash, a key to a rented vehicle and other personal effects that belonged to the couple who travelled to the island with a toddler.  The items were in the toddler’s bag during the beach outing. This spells trouble for the couple who are expected to depart the island on Sunday.
A worker, overseeing the operations at the villa, told OBSERVER media that the visitors were at the beach with their child shortly after 10 a.m. when the bag went missing.
The woman, who did not wish to be named, explained that while on the beach the female visitor set the bag down, left her husband and the baby to get a lounge chair and when she returned it was nowhere in sight.
The worker said that while the visitor did not see who removed the bag, she turned in time to see a white pickup leaving the beach. It is not yet known whether the driver in that vehicle had anything to do with the incident.
A report was made to the police who are currently investigating the matter. Anyone with information about the incident or who may know where to locate the important items are being asked to call 778-6371 or the nearest police station as a matter of urgency.

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