US jury finds Antiguan Dr Craig S Wright sole creator of Bitcoin in Kleiman v Wright trial

Dr Craig Wright
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A US federal court has declared Antiguan-Australian citizen, Dr Craig S Wright to be the sole individual who can claim the mantle of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin.  

On December 6, the jury in the Florida civil trial Kleiman v. Wright returned a verdict rejecting arguments that Wright had help from his former friend and colleague, Dave Kleiman, in developing the Bitcoin technology. The suit was brought by Ira Kleiman, brother of Dave Kleiman, who died in April 2013.  

Ira Kleiman also claimed his brother helped Wright mine over 1 million tokens in Bitcoin’s early years and asked the court for a fifty percent share of these tokens. But the jury similarly rejected this claim, concluding that Dave Kleiman and Wright had no partnership to mine Bitcoin and thus the Kleiman estate had no claim on Wright’s tokens.  

Following his victory, Wright issued a statement thanking his supporters and expressing satisfaction for being “completely vindicated.”

Wright, who earlier this year won a UK court judgment over his copyright in the Bitcoin white paper, said each legal victory “takes us closer to a world where digital cash is used. Not a global casino, but real digital cash.” 

Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin white paper in October 2008, while the technology itself made its debut the following January. Wright stepped away from the project in the years following its launch, only to see his vision corrupted by developers who stripped Bitcoin of all its utility, resulting in the corrupted BTC technology that functions only as an inert form of ‘digital gold.’  

In response, Wright developed BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), which honours the white paper’s vision of cost-effective microtransactions, while also serving as a powerful data management and valuation protocol. BSV’s unlimited scaling capacity led MNP – one of Canada’s leading accounting and business advisory service firms – to issue a paper this year hailing BSV as the world’s most energy efficient blockchain. 

Antiguan citizen, Calvin Ayre, has long been one of BSV’s biggest supporters, including organising the BSV Enterprise Blockchain Conference series (CoinGeek), which this year staged events in both New York and Zurich.

Ayre and Wright share both a disdain for the scam-plagued ‘crypto’ sector and a belief that BSV is the only public blockchain that offers practical utility.

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