US-based athletes says plans in the works for future camps

Priscilla Frederick Loomis.
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By Neto Baptiste

US-based high jumper, Priscilla Frederick Loomis, said plans were in the pipeline for the staging of a camp hosted by herself and fellow national athlete, Cejhae Greene, here prior to the intervention of the deadly coronavirus.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Loomis said the idea took flight following dialogue with Greene who is also based in the US.

“Before the Covid, we wanted to come back to Antigua and host a track camp and a track clinic for the youths, but then once this all happened, then everything just sort of shut down so we were in communications with Heather Samuel Daley [Director of Sports] and she was very supportive of it but other than that, Cejhae and I have been traveling together for the last year so he is just a great teammate to have, and it’s to check-up on each other often,” she said.

Pointing out that the camp is still very much a possibility, Loomis said her focus is now on raising the necessary funds required that would allow her to compete and qualify for the Tokyo Olympics now slated for 2021.

“I’ve only spoken to Cliff Williams [General Secretary of the NOC] pretty much and I asked him if there was any way we could get funding or additional help and he says he is going to try and work on it so it’s just something that I am hoping they are trying in good faith to just help the athletes out and it’s just because, for the most part right now, it’s just Cejhae Greene and myself,” she said.

Loomis is a Pan American Games and NACAC Championships silver medallist. She also won silver at the CAC Games in 2014. The athlete captured one of her two Pan Am silver medals in 2015 while also winning here NACAC medal that same year. Her second Pan Am silver came in 2019 in Lima, Peru.

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