Upsetters take three-hand domino leg as Guyana claim overall prize

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Upsetters International Domino Club of Antigua captured the third and final leg of the Triangular Three-hand Domino series against Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) and In Time of Guyana when they clashed in the crucial leg of the round-robin contest in Barbados from August 10 to 25.

Upsetters amassed a total of 378 points in the men’s division and 232 in the women’s division as they slammed their way to victory in both categories.

In Time of Guyana were second in the men’s division with 371 points, while BUT finished third with 366 points.

In the women’s category, In Time of Guyana also amassed 232 points as joint winners with Antigua. The Guyana team, however, emerged overall winners over the three-year period with 1,102 points.

Chairman of Upsetters International Club, Everton Jacobs, said the competition presented many challenges in Barbados.

“The rivalry was tight; it was fierce and because we only had six players on the Antigua team it was a bit tougher because we weren’t able to because we had one or two players, like myself, who didn’t play well in the first few games and we could not have shifted out, so we had to play all five official test matches and it was very hard,” Jacobs said.

“We played five official test matches and three female tests so that’s eight nights out of two weeks and we had to get four Bajans to make up the Upsetters female team which tied for the female title and won the other championship.”

Jacobs, who said thought has been given to including more countries in the competition, said it has grown since it started 12 years ago, getting more and more competitive with each passing year.

“When we started the competition, it was like a goodwill competition but now it is getting more competitive and everybody now wants to win. So sometimes you have a few (issues) at the table that you have to overcome and deal with and somebody would try and fit in something and the kind of things that happen when you are playing domino. So up to the time you have referees on board, you still have (issues), so you have to be on your Ps and Qs.”

Antigua’s George Philip claimed the overall tournament MVP award with 192 points. Barbados won the first leg of the tournament hosted in Guyana, while the Guyanese dominated play during the Antigua leg.