UPP to stage public forum on Covid-19

Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Harold Lovell
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The United Progressive Party (UPP) will convene a special forum on September 21 to discuss the Covid-19 crisis.

Political Leader Harold Lovell said that the party’s executive has given its support for this initiative, which is aimed particularly at those residents who remain fearful or lack critical information about the global vaccination programme.

He reiterated that persons should be educated and persuaded that vaccination is, at present, the best medical defence against serious illness, hospitalisation and death brought on by the Covid-19 disease and its variants.  

According to the press release announcing the forum, “This is a scientific and medical fact that the party accepts.”

The release continues by declaring that “when the options of vaccination or regular testing are being put before public sector workers; when private sector employees are being asked to choose between inoculation and unemployment; and when medical facilities and personnel are being overwhelmed by the sick and the dying – the need for a frank, science-based discussion is urgent.”

The forum will be aired next Tuesday at 7pm on the party’s radio station, Progressive 107.3 FM, and its MYUPP Facebook page.

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