UPP to reveal election candidates shortly

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The opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) is assessing the work of its 15 constituency caretakers so that its list of candidates for the next general elections can be announced by June as promised.
The leader, Harold Lovell, made the disclosure on Monday while defending the custodians as committed, honest and ready to serve rather than weak and lacking depth as suggested by some pundits.
“I am very satisfied with how the caretakers have been functioning. They have taken their tasks very seriously,” he assured.
But despite the glowing preliminary report, Lovell said he does not know at this time how many of the caretakers would be elevated to candidates. 
“The party reserves the right after checking how everything has gone, to determine if it is working out or if the person may do better in another constituency,” the UPP leader explained.
If that policy indeed applies across the board, as Lovell is suggesting, then he too should have to wait and see if he gets the nod to run in St John’s City East, which he represented for 10 years and lost in 2014.
Economist Anthony Reynolds recently added his voice to the growing chorus of concern that regional parliamentarians lack the academic background and experience needed to manoeuvre on the global stage.
This seemingly qualifications shaming, prompted Lovell to remind that the Father of the Nation, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird, who is well known for his political prowess, never went beyond seventh standard.
“It means you do not need that. It has to do with where your heart is, if you are prepared to serve people,” the UPP head said.

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