UPP says silence unjustified in police sex complaint scandal

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The United Progressive Party Legal Affairs spokesman, Leon “Chaku” Symister, said there is no justification for John being silent over the issue.
“He is using this quasi-judicial term as a blanket to abdicate his responsibility. If the people of Antigua and Barbuda want to know whether or not the prime minster gave a directive not to conduct an investigation, I don’t know whether saying ‘yes he did’ or ‘no he didn’t’ would interfere with the function of the commission being an impartial body,” Symister said.
Symister said it should be noted that John was appointed by the prime minister, but despite this since the matter has become public, he as chairman, is obliged to say something.
“So we are saying, Kelvin John has the obligation and indeed the moral responsibility to come to the nation and clear the air on that. The substantive issue of sexual misconduct [within] the police force, is cause for concern,” he said.

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