UPP says leaked report was done 'voluntarily'

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The United Progressive Party’s Public Relations Officer is calling a leaked internal post-election assessment of the UPP’s 2014 election performance an “unofficial report.”
Senator Damani Tabor did not name the person who compiled the report but he suggested it was done voluntarily and distributed to some party officials.
Tabor was speaking on OBSERVER radio this morning.

The document’s author or authors highlighted a number of what were called deficiencies in the UPP’s campaign leading up to the June 2014 elections.
Among them were infighting within the party, an unattractive campaign theme and weak and unexciting leadership. The report also said the message of ‘hope’ was not attractive.
The UPP campaign on the same message in 2018, albeit with some alterations. Tabor defended the 2018 campaign.

The United Progressive Party’s Public Relations Officer, Senator Damani Tabor.

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