UPP ratifies candidates in anticipation for ‘thief in the night’ polls

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The leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) Baldwin Spencer is urging the 16 political candidates who were yesterday ratified to run for elections, to arm themselves with five qualities which he said are key to winning an election.
Those elements he said are: Unity, presence, vision, hunger and love.
“Unity is central and critical to the campaign and the support for every single candidate of the United Progressive Party…and I pledged to work night and day to secure victory….” Spencer said.
He said this is the first step to making the party successful and the end result would be the restoration of pride to the country.
“Presence means you have to be there…let’s move forward and attack…for the next election you will face an historic amount of political money. You can’t outspend them but be present…know your constituents,” Spencer urged.
Without the third element, Spencer said, “the people will suffer.” He emphasised, “You have to have big, bold ideas to spark the interest of the electorate…to force the wary and divided public….You have to have vision.”
Speaking of hunger, but not in the literal sense, Spencer said the candidates must have a “constant presence of an absolutely compelling motivation to rise” because without this type of hunger no candidate would be phased by the fact that some of them are “underdogs.”
“Love”, the former two -term prime minister said, is the most important element which allows the candidate to “connect with the people.” “You do this for a love to serve. You do this for a love for your country. You do this for a love for the people regardless of their age, gender, class or political affiliation.”
Spencer reiterated that these five commandments or elements are the “life blood of successful elections…those are the qualities you must possess and not do it for personal gratification because you are not working for yourself, you are an agent of the people.”
Before he closed his presentation, Spencer asked the hundreds of supporters gathered at Freedom Hall, “Are you ready?” to which there was a loud chant of “Yes, Yes.”
His colleagues Leon Chaku Symister and Jacqui Quinn Leandro who chaired the event, then asked the attendees “What time is it?” to which the people responded “Action time.” Again asked “What time is it?” the people answered “UPP time.”
The UPP is not fielding any candidate in Barbuda, but will be backing its affiliate Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM).
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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