UPP must make adjustments to remain relevant

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) must make adjustments and work towards expanding the party if it is to be effective at the next general elections.
UPP Senator, Richard Lewis, in voicing his opinion stressed that the party needs to understand why people stayed home from the poles and “we need to make necessary adjustments and necessary changes so we can be viable in the next general elections.”
Lewis, who replaced former prime minister Baldwin Spencer in St. John’s Rural West at the last general election, said that it “is important for us to look at what transpired at the last elections” so that the UPP could sustain its presence.
The senator said that the party remains resolute although it came out of the elections with a number of issues.
“We lost the 2018 elections badly. We came out of that with our issues, having lost the elections and some people expected us to fold. The fact that we are still present and keeping things together is a good thing. The White March, we had to do something, it’s something to build on,” he said.
Lewis, the UPP’s vice chairman, is also the party’s spokesperson for education, science and technology.
He received 1528 votes at the March 21, 2018, general elections while the candidate for the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP), Londel Benjamin, obtained 1712 votes.

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