UPP MP scoffs at a third party win

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Long-serving United Progressive Party (UPP) Member of Parliament Wilmoth Daniel has scoffed at the likelihood of a new political party emerging in time to win the next general election.

Suspended opposition MP Joanne Massiah made the hint on Tuesday when she announced that “a new fresh and dynamic” political organisation, yet to be named, will field a full slate of candidates in the country’s next general elections.

She further stated, “In the next general election, there will be a party that will be contesting all 17 seats.”

In direct response to her statements, the St Phillip’s South MP declared, “She won’t be taking any votes from the United Progressive Party. We will maintain the votes that we have and we are now eating out the votes from the Labour Party.”

Daniel also said that “Any party that she [MP Massiah] has formed or intends to form is an extension of the Labour Party.”

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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