UPP Launches “Partnership for Diaspora Investment and Nation Building” campaign in the United States

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) is embarking on a Diaspora Connect Roadshow under the theme “Partnership for Investment and Nation Building.” As part of this initiative, a UPP delegation led by Political Leader Harold Lovell and Leader of the Opposition, Hon Jamale Pringle, will participate in a series of town hall and private meetings from Sept 28 – Oct 3, 2022.  These events will be held in the New York Tri-State, Southern Florida and Atlanta Metro Area, the three main regions where most Antiguan and Barbudan nationals reside.

Recognizing the tremendous potential that the Diaspora has to offer as an important stakeholder constituency, the Party will present reputable investment opportunities for nation building, to inspire optimism and interest to help revive Antigua and Barbuda’s struggling economy. To this end, the UPP seeks to build partnerships with individuals and entities with roots, or a vested interest in Antigua and Barbuda.

“There is a large appetite for investment opportunities in the Diaspora and we want to maximize their contributions by simplifying the process for them to invest or contribute to national development. Diaspora-led investment has been an afterthought in recent times and the UPP will create avenues to tap into their resources by incentivizing them to contribute more than just remittances.” says UPP Political Leader, Harold Lovell.

The UPP Team will present several private and public partnership opportunities to key audiences.  This will include a number of social, economic and political policies to create meaningful pathways for U.S. businesses or nationals in the Diaspora to invest and contribute to national development. 

Job creation through strategic investment and industry diversification will be top priority areas of focus. Accordingly, the main goals of the Diaspora Connect Roadshow are twofold: i) to tap into sources of capital, whether Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) or Diaspora Direct Investments (DDIs) inflows into the country, and ii) to leverage the expertise and resources of Diasporans to support national development.

To learn more about the Diaspora Connect Roadshow Schedule of Events, Registration or to watch a livestream of the events contact Diaspora Progressives: Tel 617-719-2664 .

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