UPP launches HOPE and predicts election victory

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The opposition United Progressive Party’s leader said he’s “feeling the pulse” of the people and knows the party will win the elections and its ally in Barbuda will do the same on March 21.
Harold Lovell, the political leader and candidate for St. John’s City East was speaking at the launch of the party’s manifesto titled “Delivering HOPE, UPP.”
He said the manifesto promises hope and a brighter future for the people.
Before producing the 36-page manifesto to the packed Mack Pond field and the media last night, several of the party’s candidates spoke at the rally, detailing the main aspects of the document.
They spoke of plans to improve and introduce new technology, tourism, ensure better land use, address issues of national security, move from “social transformation to social improvement” and strengthen international relations.
In his “Election Message” in the manifesto, Lovell stated, “Antiguans and Barbudans your lives and your livelihood and this country’s future are in your hands. On the left there is hopelessness. On the right there is hope, happiness, opportunity, prosperity and empowerment.”
On the podium, Lovell said the ruling Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) made “false promises” which it never delivered, such as 500 homes in 500 days.
He urged the people in attendance to vote for the UPP and put its candidates in office as he rejected the promise of the ABLP’s leader, Gaston Browne that his party will build hundreds more homes because “he can’t build them in six days.”
Lovell highlighted the many scandals with which ABLP officials were associated and had to step down or be removed. These include the former minister of immigration, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, who stepped down after a Syrian visa waiver scandal; then MP Asot Michael who was sacked from the Ministry of Tourism after his arrest in the UK as part of a bribery investigation. And, thirdly he referenced Senator Michael Freeland who stepped down after a scandal about the disappearance of monies he had in his position from an auction at the Port Authority. 
“We are offering the solutions for this country….we are creative.  What we have put forward is doable. What we have put forward is practical. We are going to reduce the gasoline price…we are going to reduce the cost for diesel…we say we are the people first government and we are going to help people where they need the help,” he said to the attentive gathering. 
He said the current Labour party administration failed to create the economic powerhouse it promised.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)
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