UPP confirms candidate for St John’s Rural West

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The St John’s Rural West constituency branch of the United Progressive Party (UPP) has confirmed Richard Lewis as its preferred candidate to contest the next constitutionally due elections.
On Monday night, Lewis, who was uncontested for the post, secured the vote of all 35 of the individuals eligible to participate in the exercise.
He is promising the people of the constituency that he will do his best to represent them.
“I am not about self-enrichment but I am about serving the people,” he told this newspaper.
He said that being born and raised and now living in St John’s Rural West speaks to his understanding of the issues affecting the constituency.
“People will not have to go out of the constituency to find me,” he added.
Among the goals he hopes to achieve if he is elected to office are “sprucing up” and building new sporting facilities in the constituency and cleaning the drains in the area.
He is also hoping to improve the infrastructure through a more economical use of land. Lewis believes that building multiple-storey apartment buildings instead of single houses per lot would help to change the view that some areas in the constituency are “ghetto”.
The parliamentary hopeful said opening the Chinese built structure in Five Islands as a secondary school instead of as a university, as planned by the ruling Antigua & Barbuda Labour party, is a promise to his constituents that he also intends to keep.
Lewis was endorsed by the current Leader of the Opposition and MP for the constituency, former prime minister Baldwin Spencer, who has said he will not be contesting the next election.

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