UPP Chairperson questions why Choksi’s alleged abduction is being kept a secret

Mehul Choksi
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UPP Chairperson, D Gisele Isaac, is suggesting that there is a secret being kept in relation to Mehul Choksi’s disappearance that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

Isaac’s concern stems from a report on the incident that the government maintains they were not privy to.

“So, we have local police who can tell you who was in what villa, when they came to Antigua, when they left Antigua to go to Dominica on a private plane, where this boat came from in St. Lucia, who was onboard the boat …and a recommendation was made at the end of the report that Interpol be contacted and asked to locate these four main suspects…. the names are there.

“What about the rest of us? We don’t have any rights? He doesn’t want us to know?” she queried.

Dominica dropped all charges against Mehul Choksi for unlawfully entering that country in May 2021 after a police report completed in Antigua, which sided with claims made by Choksi and his wife that he was in fact kidnapped and taken to the neighbouring island.

The government continues to take what can be described as a hands-off approach, but Choksi has been vocal with his claim of abduction from Antigua and transported to Dominica in May by agents of the Indian government and law enforcement in Antigua.

He has been living in Antigua since acquiring citizenship in November 2017.

However, sometime between May 23 and 25, he mysteriously disappeared, and when he was found, it was on a beach in Dominica.

The Indian-born man is wanted by law enforcement officials in India for his alleged involvement in a US$2.1 billion fraud scandal known as the Punjab National Bank Fraud Case.

The government of Antigua and Barbuda is currently in court with Choksi in an effort to have him extradited to his native country.

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