UPP caretaker calls for resignation of MP facing sex allegations

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The report filed against a sitting member of parliament (MP) who has been accused of sexually assaulting a young woman, has led to United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for the Saint John’s Rural North constituency to call for his resignation.
During a UPP rally at Thwaites Corner on Thursday night, Joan Underwood told the audience that the other Cabinet members should also encourage the unnamed MP to leave public office.
“Whoever this accused person is, sits down with Cabinet with the rest of them, and you think any of them say, ‘Boy come out ah in yah, you ah mek everybody look bad?’” Underwood said.
“Not one of them say ‘do the right thing, resign, behave yourself’, not one. What kind of message that send? Them nuh have daughters, them nuh have grandpickney, dem nuh kay?”
In condemning the actions in which the MP allegedly fondled an 18-year-old woman on April 6 at a public gathering, Underwood said the MP’s constituents should not be subjected to such representation.
“You have any constituency in Antigua and Barbuda that deserves a
representative that goes around grabbing little girls? So, tell he resign!” she declared.
Meanwhile, Underwood has also called on the Women Against Rape (WAR) group to speak out about the issue, as she asked those in attendence where has the body been.
“Well, maybe Women against Rape don’t count when you just grab them … little children. Young girls and boys deserve to be able to move through our land without being afraid of being molested and accosted by these nasty old men that we have in our Cabinet,” she said.
The advocacy group said it will not respond to Underwood’s statements but its President, Alexandrina Wong, said she is “reminding persons about the harmful effects of sexual assault, gender-based violence, and as long as matters are reported the law will take its course”.
The incident reportedly occurred at an event where the young woman was serving food and the MP allegedly fondled her.
The Sexual Offences Act bars publication of the names of the victim and the accused. The accused man’s name can only be disclosed if he is convicted, or permission is given to the media to do so.

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