Uniform prices up this year say shoppers

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Back to school shoppers said they have found that the prices for ready-made uniforms and fabric more expensive this year. Shoppers told OBSERVER media, yesterday, that although they expected an increase in some school supplies, essentials like uniforms should not be so exorbitant.
“The prices for uniforms and materials are too high. Last year I paid $16 per yard for my daughter’s uniform material, this year it is $22 – ridiculous,” said one shopper. “I had to give my wife more money this year to get the same things she got last year. School things just raising up every year,” said a father of two.
Some shoppers also expressed disappointment that the school uniform grant voucher is limited to readymade uniforms which sometimes does not cover the full uniform. “Last year was much better,” said another shopper. “We could use the voucher and get materials for up to three jumpers, then pay for it which was much cheaper.
This year, it is just one uniform per voucher”. “My daughter’s uniform requires a tie but the voucher does not cover it. I had to buy the tie for $25 plus other sets of uniform. I don’t understand this half and half thing,” said another disgruntled parent. Overall, residents said the cost and accessibility for other school supplies are almost the same as last year’s.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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