Tyrell’s resident still missing

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Family members of 68-year-old James Joseph are flying in from abroad to join the search for the dementia patient who went missing from home last week Wednesday.
Joseph, originally from Dominica, but who had been residing at Tyrell’s for the past six months, was last seen at home wearing grey shorts, a pink and white dress shirt, and white sneakers, with red and white socks. 
He is described as very tall, dark in complexion, and very thin.
 The daughter with whom he resides had earlier said that he was known to leave home and return, however this time Joseph has not been seen or heard from for almost a week.
One of his daughters, Yolanda Joseph, told us that they received phone calls saying Joseph was seen in Grays Farm.
She said that the police were informed and they too searched that community, to no avail.
The elderly man is believed to have wandered away from home.
Family members have been scouting several other communities, to include Swetes.
Anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of James Joseph of Tyrells is urged to call his relatives at 788-3354 or 783-0445.

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