Two youngsters sentenced in relation to electronics store theft

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Two youngsters who admitted that they were involved in a break-in and theft at an electronics store last year have been sentenced.

Jahvante Lloyd and Teqwanya Jno Baptiste were involved in the incident at DAT’s Trending, a store in the Twist Mall, in early January 2021 when they were both 19.

One evening the victim secured his business place only to find out through an employee who reported to work a day or two later, that the place had been broken into and a number of items stolen, including the cash register containing $200.

Upon reviewing the surveillance footage, the complainant noticed two persons with their faces covered breaking in.

He reported the matter to the police and noted that numerous cell phones, accessories and other electronics worth $19,472 in total had been stolen.

Further investigations led police to go undercover to Golden Grove where they found Jno Baptiste with a bag in her hand.

The undercover vehicle pulled up and Jno Baptiste handed over the bag.

The police stepped out of the car and identified themselves and questioned the young girl, who said a boy had given her the item to sell.

They arrested her and on their way to the station she said ‘officer I lied, my brother gave me the phone and a bag of items to sell’ and she proceeded to give them Lloyd’s name.

It is believed that some time on the night of January 11 2021, Lloyd and a minor had broken into the mall through a window, entered the store and stolen the items.

Lloyd was therefore charged with building breaking and larceny, while Jno Baptiste was charged with receiving.

Lloyd was sent to prison for 10 months while Jno Baptiste was given a $1,200 fine which she has to pay by June 30.

Justice Colin Williams presided over the matter.

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