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Two people linked to Sunday protest arrested

Lawmen have arrested at least two people who were directly involved in a protest on Sunday.

Observer media was reliably informed that the homes of two women who wrote to the police requesting permission to march on behalf of the self-proclaimed Freedom Fighters were raided sometime this morning.

The women were taken into police custody and are being held at the Police Headquarters, according to sources.

The news comes a day after Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney told the media at a press conference that some protestors, including organisers of the demonstration could be arrested and charged.

He said action would be taken once there is evidence to suggest that the organisers continued to organize and advertise the march despite being denied by police.

So far, 10 people have been arrested for throwing missiles – with more expected as investigations continue.

Rodney told reporters yesterday that a special team had been established to investigate what led to the clashes between police and civilians. He said they would be reviewing photos and videos for evidence of unlawful activities.


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