Two Old Road women sentenced for fighting at bus station

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By Latrishka Thomas

A bond to “keep the peace” was imposed on two women who were charged for fighting at West Bus Station in February.

Janet Williams and Schantel Josiah, both of Old Road, appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in St John’s Magistrates’ Court yesterday on a single charge of disorderly conduct by fighting.

According to a constable – who was stationed at the bus terminal on February 20 2021 when the incident unfolded – a member of the public alerted him to a fight taking place on a bus.

The ordeal began while Williams was seated in the front passenger seat of an Old Road bus and Josiah was standing a few feet away from the bus.

The two, who are said to have longstanding issues, began arguing and aggressively coaxing each other into starting a fight.

When the officer got to the scene, he saw that Josiah was pinned to the floor of the bus by Williams.

They were separated and taken to the police station where their statements were taken.

The officer said that that was when he realised that “the matter was deeper than just what [he] saw”.

The women, who are both in their 30s, were subsequently charged with disorderly conduct by fighting.

Josiah was represented in court yesterday by Attorney Wendel Robinson who told the court that many reports have previously been made to the police by the two women.

Robinson further claimed that there are rumours that necromancy – the apparent use of magic to communicate with the dead – may be involved.

The lawyer reminded the magistrate that his client was on remand for six weeks and that when she made an earlier appearance in the court she was apparently so speechless that she could not properly enter a plea – an issue he claimed could have been as a result of obeah.

He asked the Chief Magistrate to place both women on a “bond to keep the peace in the interest of the police force and the community of Old Road”.

The magistrate then instituted the bond and reprimanded and discharged Josiah since she had already spent time in jail.

On the other hand, Williams was fined $500 or she will spend a month in prison.

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