Two men on trial for Fort Road murder

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By Latrishka Thomas

Earlsfield “Earlfred” James and Clarence Thomas are currently on trial for the 2018 murder of 31-year old Kemmoy Jeffers of Upper Fort Road.

Yesterday, the prosecution called its first witness in the matter which is taking place in the High Court before Justice Stanley John.

That initial witness was a brother of the deceased who the defence questioned about his brother’s employment status and participation in car break-ins.

The witness, despite admitting that his brother was unemployed, said that he was not aware that the deceased had broken into other people’s vehicles.

Thereafter, an Emergency Medical Technician testified to finding Jeffers unresponsive when he arrived on the scene.

He said the victim was lying face down with a rope tied around his neck and left leg, and the rope attached to his leg was bound to a stick impaled to the ground.

One of James’ young neighbours testified that he heard a ruckus while watching television and ran out of his house with his aunt and noticed his neighbour of five years fighting.

He also said that that was the first time he ever saw his Dominican neighbour, who was always kind and respectful, in such rage.

And James’ lawyer Sherfield Bowen questioned the witness about what he heard while observing the fight.

The boy said he heard James say to the man, “the wrong house you come inna” suggesting that the deceased was an unwanted intruder.

The fourth witness also shared that she heard the defendant saying the same.

She, too, said she saw James beat a man to the ground.

Thus far, witness testimonies have not alluded to 63-year-old Thomas’ involvement in the crime but more witnesses are slated to take the stand tomorrow.

Thomas is being represented by Ralph Francis. According to police, Jeffers’ body, wearing just grey short pants, was discovered lying on the ground near a house on Fort Road around 11pm on April 27, 2018.

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