Two gas stations robbed in one night

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The police are currently investigating the robbery of Dees Service Station on Old Parham Road and Charlie’s Service Station on Sir Sydney Walling Highway on Saturday night where armed robbers reportedly made off with undisclosed sums of monies from both establishments.

It is reported that around 9:15 pm on Saturday a black car drove up to Charlie’s Service Station and a male passenger who was carrying what looked like a gun, exited the vehicle.

Reports state that one of the pump attendants, upon noticing the weapon, attempted to run but she was blocked by another one of the robbers.

She then threw her money bag towards the man, while another worker at the service station also gave her money bag to the assailants. Both bags contained undisclosed sums of money – the proceeds of the sale of gas and other products.

Shortly after, at around 9:30 pm, Dees Service Station was also targeted by two thieves.

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