Two die in early morning car crash

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The police have identified both men who died in a road accident this morning.
The deceased driver has been identified as 45 year old Carl Constant known as Muslim from Pares and the deceased passenger as 46 year old Cordell Graham of Clare Hall.
Constant was driving his black Honda Civic A46833 when it crashed into the Tunnel Bar sometime around 2:30 this morning and caught ablaze.
When police responded at 3am they found two lifeless burnt bodies inside the vehicle and by 3:35am Dr Christian had arrived on the scene and pronounced both men dead.
The blaze was earlier put out by the fire department and the jaws of life used to cut open the doors.
As a result of the accident electricity was disrupted in the area.
Observer Media’s Martina Johnson was on the scene this morning
Two men are dead following an early morning crash on Old Parham Road.  Observer media’s Martina Johnson was on the scene this morning.


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