Two men charged with murder, in two separate incidents, are expected in the court this week.

Police have said, through a STRATCOM release, that 55-year-old Kensworth Browne has been charged with the murder of his wife Judith Browne, while 23-year-old Randy Edwards was charged with the murder of Elvis Daisy of Clare Hall.

Kensworth, of Tyrells, was arrested and taken into custody on Thursday, December 29, after he allegedly battered and killed his wife, using a blunt object.

The man reportedly alerted police of the incident, which is said to have occurred around 12:30 pm Thursday.

Judith was pronounced dead at her home when the District Doctor Rasheeda Charles arrived.

Police said the murder is believed to have taken place after an altercation between the deceased and her husband on the day of her death.

Meantime, Edwards, of Clare Hall, is accused of killing his fellow villager on Wireless Road on March 11, last year.

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