Twenty-six more dogs find ‘forever homes’ in the US

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Many abandoned or injured dogs with little to no chance of having a long and healthy life have been given a fresh start.

Twenty-six dogs – most of whom were picked up as strays from the streets – are the latest batch to be flown to the US by local charity Dogs and Cats of Antigua in sync with international partners.

Dogs and Cats of Antigua’s founder Joy Farrell told Observer that some of the canines “have been adopted which is terrific, so they will go straight to the forever homes. The others go to fosters and are usually rehomed in a couple of weeks. Some go to rescues and the rescues arrange the adoptions.”

The charity has relocated thousands of rescued dogs over the years, with more than 500 sent overseas last year alone.

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The charity has rehomed thousands of stray Antiguan dogs overseas (Photo courtesy Dogs and Cats of Antigua Facebook page)

Farrell said not only is this good news for the animals, it also helps reduce the number of stray dogs roaming the streets which can have a devastating impact on tourism.

“Most of them are picked up off the street. They are either incredibly emaciated, they’re mangy, they all have heart worms. You know, just fixing the heart worms alone it costs hundreds of dollars to do that. But for the dogs it’s life changing. These dogs don’t stand a chance living on the streets in Antigua.

“They get poisoned easily, they get run over, they die from heart worms, they die from all kinds of diseases. If that many dogs are left on the street to breed, we would be in trouble, it would impact our tourism and it will impact our quality of life so it’s a big win for everyone,” she rightly stated.

Some of the curs in need of specialist medical care are heading to the Animal Haven rescue centre in New York.

Among them is a pup called Tindale – named after the road he was picked up on after being hit by a car which left him badly injured.

Animal Haven’s sophisticated equipment will give Tindale the treatment he needs to walk again.

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