Twenty-four arrested for dangerous driving in January, licences suspended

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Twenty-four drivers were arrested in the month of January for dangerous driving and their licences were also suspended – this as the police continues to target motorists who are ignoring the road safety regulations.
The confirmation came from Inspector Elson Quammie, head of the traffic department, who also revealed that 23 offenders were convicted in the St. John’s Magistrates Court and $22,000 was collected by the police as a result of those offences.
“We in the Traffic Department, we are responsible for road safety. This is an ongoing process and throughout this year, this is what we will be doing. On a monthly basis, we will update the public on what is happening,” Quammie said.
The police officer said that once a motorist is arrested for a traffic offence, that information is recorded on a conviction sheet, which is presented to the magistrate.
He stated that a magistrate has the right to increase fines each time a repeat offender is taken before the court.
Last month 32 accidents were recorded in Antigua and Barbuda involving 18 males and 14 females.  Six were seriously injured while 26 received minor bruises.
Meanwhile, the traffic officer also debunked the belief that many accidents are caused by young people under 30 years.
“Most of the accidents, as we see from our statistics, [involve] persons between the age of 30 to 45. This is the age group that caused most of the accidents for January. The traffic department only investigated one accident involving an 18 year old, two 19 year olds and a few persons in their 20s,” the inspector said.
He said the department also responded to accidents involving senior citizens between the ages of 75 and 80 years old.
Most of the accidents occur on small by-roads, parking lots and major highways.
The inspector said that the department will continue to partner with the business community through the sponsorship of billboards that will be placed on the roadways with the highest amount of accidents and in specific areas that are readily visible.

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