Twelve teams targeted for Vax 8 cricket association tournament

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA), Leon Rodney
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By Neto Baptiste

Teams taking part in next month’s proposed Vax 8 competition to be hosted by the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA) will be grouped in two zones of six with the top four advancing to the semifinal and final to be played at the Pigotts playing field.

This was revealed by president of the ABCA, Leon Rodney, who added that teams would also be allowed to substitute players during the 8v8 matches.

However, the tournament, which is slated for December 18 and 19, is only to fully vaccinated players open.

“The thing is that we don’t have any choice when it comes to that because it is not ABCA saying that everybody had to be vaccinated. It’s a government rule and we have to follow the rules so we are asking that nobody gets upset with us because we are just carrying out the rules which is, everybody has to be vaccinated,” he said. 

In an effort to encourage not only cricketers to get vaccinated, Rodney said the association has invited the Ministry of Health to provide a vaccination unit at the venue for the two days of competition in December, hoping that those attending the event will also utilise the opportunity to get vaccinated.

“We have invited the medical people to set up a vaccination station and we will be beating hard on you guys in terms of the media and whatever other media we will be using, to invite and encourage, not just cricketers but all sports people, everybody that play sports, just come to Pigotts ground on the 18th and the 19th and be vaccinated once the people from the ministry comes on board with it. We have written to them but their modus operandi is just what it is so we haven’t seen any response as yet but that is something you get accustomed to when you write to the health people,” the cricket boss said.

Rodney also encouraged patrons who may be visiting the venue in Pigotts during the matches to observe the already established government and health protocols.

“Wear your mask, don’t congregate in groups of 50 and 40 people and so on. Keep the posse within the 25 range and not 100 persons gang up together. What I would suggest is bring a tent and stay on the north side or just choose a side with you and your couple of friends under the end, have your masks, walk with some drinks,” he said.

The proposed Vax 8 tournament will be the first cricket competition since February this year when CUB Bethesda Golden Eagles captured the ABCA Super 40 title in Bethesda.

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